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This page shows information regarding the vehicle registered under T111RAP and it's appearances on screen.

T111RAP has appeared on screen in the following programmes:

This Ford E150 appears in a segment about American imports in the British motoring programme Fifth Gear (2002).

The segment details that this van is owned by British DJ Tim Westwood.

Vehicle Information

Registration NumberT111RAP
Vehicle TypeVan
Sub Type
Trim Level
Year of Manufacture1999
Engine Size5400
Actual Colour
Fuel TypeLPG
Wheel Plan2 Axle Rigid Body
Vehicle Is Imported?Yes
Is an Emergency Vehicle?No -

Registration & MOT Information

Is Vehicle Currently Registered?Yes
Date of first registration1999-11-01
Date of last registration2017-11-01
Does the vehicle currently hold a MOT certificate?Yes
Date of last MOT certificate2016-11-09 - pass
Details on last certification

The last MOT entry on file for this car records it with a mileage of 84,001 miles with the following advisories:

  • Nearside Front Upper Front suspension has slight play in an outer ball joint (2.5.B.2a)
  • Offside Front Upper Front suspension has slight play in a upper suspension ball joint (2.5.B.1a)