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This page shows information regarding the vehicle registered under L502KMJ and it's appearances on screen.

L502KMJ has appeared on screen in the following programmes:

This Citroen Xantia appears in the Linton Travel Tavern car park in the show I'm Alan Partridge (1997). It appears in the first episode, A Room With An Alan.

Vehicle Information

Registration NumberL502KMJ
Vehicle TypeCar
Sub TypeHatchback
Trim LevelTD LX
Year of Manufacture1994
Engine Size1900
Actual Colour
Fuel TypeDiesel
Wheel Plan2 Axle Rigid Body
Vehicle Is Imported?No
Is an Emergency Vehicle?No -

Registration & MOT Information

Is Vehicle Currently Registered?No
Date of first registration1994-02-25
Date of last registration2007-02-06
Does the vehicle currently hold a MOT certificate?No
Date of last MOT certificate2006-02-07 - pass
Details on last certification

The MOT database contains two entries both for the 7th February 2006 for this vehicle, stating the mileage as 149,119 miles. On the first test it failed with the following:

  • Nearside Registration plate lamp not working (1.1.5c)
  • Offside Stop lamp not working (1.2.1b)
  • Rear Fluid suspension has no suspension movement (2.4.D.5)
  • Windscreen washer provides insufficient washer liquid (8.2.3)
  • Front Brake hose excessively deteriorated (3.6.B.4d)

With the following advisories:

  • Power steering pump has slight seepage from a component (2.3.3b)
  • brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened (3.5.1i)
  • nsf tyre worn to limits,osf window inop,
  • lhm fluid low,rear wiper torn away, some wiper damage to os screen, front tyres wearing unevenly, engine leaking oil, rear subfame corroding

There are no further entries for this vehicle, and it does not appear in the DVLA tax database.