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This page shows information regarding the vehicle registered under G573ECS and it's appearances on screen.

G573ECS has appeared on screen in the following programmes:

This Leyland DAF 400 Ambulance featured briefly in the educational film (produced by Renault) The Adventures of Woosh. Unlike the other main subject vehicles in the film, this vehicle is not manufactured by Renault.

This vehicle was most likely retired from service shortly after this film was produced.

Vehicle Information

Registration NumberG573ECS
Vehicle TypeAmbulance
Sub Type
Trim LevelSport Alize 16V
Year of Manufacture1990
Engine Size0
Actual Colour
Fuel TypeDiesel
Wheel Plan2 Axle Rigid Body
Vehicle Is Imported?No
Is an Emergency Vehicle?Yes - Ambulance

Registration & MOT Information

Is Vehicle Currently Registered?No
Date of first registration1990-07-01
Date of last registration2001-09-01
Does the vehicle currently hold a MOT certificate?No
Date of last MOT certificate2016-12-19 - fail
Details on last certification

There are no MOT records on file for this vehicle.