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This page shows information regarding the vehicle registered under D2GTR and it's appearances on screen.

D2GTR has appeared on screen in the following programmes:

This Nissan Pulsar (referred in the programme by its UK name Nissan Sunny) appears in a segment of Fifth Gear (2002) where it goes up against a Dodge Viper in a drag race. The cars owner Daniel (Danny) Fennell appears on the programme and lists some of the following modifications to the vehicle:

The show rates the car as having 400 horsepower.

He also states the car cost him 9,000 - but there is no clear mention of its import status. It can be assumed that the vehicle is imported as the manufacture date and first registration date have 4 years between them, the tax database has the model as unknown (typical for imports) and the insurance database lists the car as Nissan Pulsar (Sunny) GTi-R.

Vehicle Information

Registration NumberD2GTR
Vehicle TypeCar
Sub TypeHatchback
Trim LevelGTI-R
Year of Manufacture1994
Engine Size1990
Actual ColourBlue
Fuel TypePetrol
Wheel Plan2 Axle Rigid Body
Vehicle Is Imported?Yes
Is an Emergency Vehicle?No -

Registration & MOT Information

Is Vehicle Currently Registered?No
Date of first registration1998-12-14
Date of last registration2007-12-01
Does the vehicle currently hold a MOT certificate?No
Date of last MOT certificate1900-01-01 - fail
Details on last certification

No MOT details on file